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Sleeping Beauty

Sleep, for some of us is so easy most of the time but then here comes the holidays, the deadlines, or even a vacation can throw off your sleep routine .

There is nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning in bed agonizing about how you will function the next day with the lack of sleep.

Here at Z&Co. we understand that sometimes you just need a little sleep. So, we researched some natural healthy ways to help get our z's. Here is a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that found that essential oils can help people with mild sleep issues.

In researching essential oils that can help with sleep we also learned that most of the time anxiety comes hand in hand with the lack of sleep. This is why we choose Vetiver essential oil as one of the ingredients we put in our Pillow spray. Vetiver is known for balancing, calming, and grounding benefits.

We also make sure we included lavender for soothing feelings of anger, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, and stress. So, next time you are in bed chasing sleep, grab some essential oils inhale and enjoy the smells and benefits.

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