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People call me rescue dog, but I call myself lucky dog. I once went weeks without being fed. But now I have a nice plushy bed. No more hot days chained outside! Now I eat every day, get belly rubs, hugs, kisses, and walks in the park. Yes, I’m a rescue dog.  Yes, I’m a lucky dog!  **(this is what how the label reads)**


This Dog spray was created for Hicky. A  lovely  Huskey dog that was left outside in the hot Texas heat. Hicky suffer heatstroke. Hicky recovered but part of her brain did not and she has forgotten how to eat. Is because of this that Hicky will spend the rest of her days in the care of

Dr. Dolittle rescue ranch

We did something a bit different with this dog spray. This 8 oz. spray smells of clean soap and hits of basil.

You are more then welcome to donate to:

Dr. Dolittle rescue ranch

Rescue Dog

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