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The Mercantile Collection Room/Linen Spray, the perfect addition to your modern farmhouse look. Hand crafted in McAllen, Texas, this spray features high quality, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that are safe to use on your body, in your room, and on your linens. The fresh, clean, and modern scent will leave your space smelling amazing. Add this environmentally friendly spray to your collection of hand crafted goods from Z&Co today.

The Mercantile Collection Room/Linen Spray

  • Almond Milk :: Top  Notes of Milk and Almond with hint of sea salt and vanilla.

    French House :: lavender, Currant essential oil and hints of lemon lime.

    Lavender :: Lovely notes of French lavender

    Salt :: Pink Himalayan salt, bamboo, and hints of lemon peel.


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