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   hand crafted Plant Based Products, Invoking The spirit                   of beauty 

 We stared Making soy candles with natural ingredients because our first baby had terrible allergies. Not long after that we stared selling them all over Galveston, Texas to make some extra cash for formula and diapers.

Our First baby is now in high school! And with that came different needs. Like Deodorant, and skin care. So our business has evolve in to wanting to give our children natural and chemical free products, that look and smell amazing. 



Each and every product is still hand poured, one at a time, with care. We are especially picky about packaging, the asthetics of how the product looks and feels in a home, and the quality of our ingredients. All of this is very important to us. We are a family owned Business. and every single product we offer is use by our family. We love what we do and is because of you that we get to do what we love. 

The Z&Co. Team

zee 2022_edited.jpg

Founder & Product Development Director

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