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Our Farmhouse Room & Linen Spray is hand crafted in Mcallen, Texas using only the finest ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, making it safe for use as a body or linen spray. Our room sprays are renowned for their long lasting scent, and we are confident that you will love this farmhouse-inspired fragrance. Packaged in an 8 oz. clear glass bottle with a white atomizer, this spray will add a touch of charm to any room in your home. Try it today and experience the beauty of hand crafted goods.

Farmhouse Room & Linen Spray

  •  Almond Milk :: Top  Notes of Milk and Almond with hint of sea salt and vanilla.

    French House :: lavender, Currant essential oil and hints of lemon lime.

    Lavender :: Lovely notes of French lavender

    NO. 813 :: Orange and lime with hints of sugar. If you like volcano you are going to love, LOVE This scent!

    Salt :: Pink Himalayan salt, bamboo, and hints of lemon peel.


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