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Let's talk about soap.

Did you know that store-bought soaps have had all of the glycerin removed?

Yes! and this is reason numero uno why hand crafted soap is so much better for your skin.

In our soap making process, we blend the fats, oils and lye together to form soap, while the natural glycerin maintains its integrity. And Trust me, you want glycerin: it is a natural skin emollient.

Handmade soap preserves the integrity of the oils, fats, and butters. Coconut oil goes in, and saponified (made into soap) coconut oil comes out. Shea butter goes in, Shea butter comes out. Because of this, the oils, fats, butters maintain their vitamins, minerals and skin-loving qualities in the final soap product.

Not yet convinced that hand crafted soap is all that? Try our soap for a week and see the difference in your skin. For a limited

time buy two soap get one free using the code soap at check out.

( for retail only)

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