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Magnesium for a Hangover!

A wicked hangover? Yes, even the most health-conscious person may be tempted to overindulge during holiday and New Year's Eve parties.

If that scenario sounds familiar to you, don't feel bad. We all do it with either food or drinks. But hey! it's a new year so let's start fresh. By loading up on water and antioxidants such as B complex vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium, you are giving your body the elements it needs to begin feeling better!

One of the best things you can do to help your body detox and recover is to take a bath.

But not just any bath. You need a Magnesium bath. Use Pink Himalayan salts or Epsom salts

and let your body relax and wash away last night's toxins and absorb the magnesium, which will alleviate aches and pains.

We've got you covered in the bath department. All month long we are giving you 20% off on our Rose Bath. loaded with magnesium and rose geranium essential oils to keep your spirit calm and ready for the new year.

Make sure to use code 2020 at check out to get your 20% off our rose bath.

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